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Lets Rodeo

So you think your ready to rodeo? Well Maverick Rodeo can sure partner with you to put on one great event. Everyone needs a starting place and we suggest a few things for you to look at before you jump in feet first.

Where to start:

  1. Dates - Pick 3 to 5 dates that would benefit the community where your putting on the rodeo. Middle of harvest isn't always a good time.
  2. A Plan - Figure out what you want to accomplish, what you need to accomplish and how we can help. This doesn't have to be anything fancy BUT you need a map of where you are and where you want to be. We can help draw in the road signs.
  3. Help/Partners/Volunteers - Every rodeo no matter how big or how small is based off the work of those willing to help. From chute help to front gate people you'll need to find some folks to help you be a winner.
  4. A Contract - Once you have an idea of what you want CALL us and we can help. We have a flexible pricing for events but as you're well aware nothing is free! Once we've negotiated a contract we will work with you on doing the other things that will make your event a success.
  5. Sponsors - Well money makes the arena go around. From advertising to added money, your sponsors are your life blood. We can show you ways to draw in sponsors and have them form a partnership with you to make the event a success for everyone!

So why partner with Maverick Rodeo Company on your event? Well there are lots of reasons but let us talk about a few.

  1. Over 25 years in contracting and producing rodeos. With over 100 years combined rodeo experience in the Pitt Family and over 25 years as a contractor we've gained the knowledge to be winners.
  2. Champion livestock and quality timed event cattle.
  3. Fair Pricing Structure. Nothing in life is free but we're not out to run you into the ground either. We believe that if our prices are fair then we can develop a long standing partnership that will blosom over the years and make all of us a decent profit.
  4. Extensive Marketing Assistance. You need to sell your event on lots of levels. Do you know them all? Well we may not know them all but we surely know the most important one!
  5. Quality Production Assistance is a must for any rodeo. The goal is for a rodeo to run smooth and quick barring any unforseen mechanical problems or injuries. We will work with you to make sure this happens. Want to add some entertainment? We have a list of some of the best entertainment acts in the rodeo world.

Well for every positive there is always something negative. So what's ours?


Sorry but we don't beleive in sugar coating the truth. We believe in being honest with you and we hope for the same in return. So if your ready to rodeo give us a call. We will do our best to bring you the show of a life time!

If you would like more information about our breeding program please call us at 1-806-668-4458 and talk to Mrs. Pitt or leave a message for us to return your call. If you would like you can also email us at Maverick

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