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Welcome to Maverick Rodeo Company's web site. We hope you enjoy your stay here and we welcome all inquiries. We have been raising our own bulls for over 30 years and our own horses for over 27 years. We will have been a full contracting company for 27 years come April. We are here to help you put on a premier event that will last in the memories of spectators and contestants alike!


We would like to thank Stace Smith Pro Rodeo for their purchase of -110 Levi. We know he's found a good home and we hope the cowboys have their hands full with him! We've been raising our own horses for 27 years now! We have strived to raise the best possible athletes. These horses are bred to buck and have won numerous awards in local associations. These horses are not pretenders! If you would like more informattion please call us at 1-806-668-4458 and talk to Mrs. Pitt or leave a message for us to return your call. If you would like you can also email us at Maverick

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John Mark 2005

Meschak 2005

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Gideon of the Maverick Brand Bucking Horses
Action from the Portales, NM NMRA/TCRA/PAFRA Rodeo
Meshack at the NMRA finals
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