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Maverick Rodeo Company was founded over 30 years ago by Fred and Paula Pitt. Their sons have been raised in the business and all take part in making the business a success.

Fred having been raised in a long time New Mexico ranch family decided in 1977 that the best way to pursue his dream of being a professional contractor was to build his herd through selective breeding. Having been a professional roughstock rider for over 20 years who specialized in bullriding, he found it a painstaking but rewarding process to build a championship herd of both bulls and horses.

Paula grew up in Nevada and was a champion in high school rodeo and in cutting events. She was also Ms. Helldarado in Las Vegas as a young girl. Rodeo was second nature to Paula and she has been a cornerstone of Maverick Rodeo since the beging.

The boys are now busy helping raise the next generation of Maverick Rodeo Company. While the families keep them busy they all find ways to help.

Fred is an original member of the New Mexico Rodeo Association and a gold card holder. They also prove their longevity by being one of the oldest stock contractors in the Texas Cowboys Rodeo Association. In addition they were the first stock contractor for the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association. Maverick Rodeo has taken bulls to a lot of the regions best open bullridings and continue to do so. But their horses set them apart. Led by now retired herd sire Shadrack, the Maverick Rodeo Horses have set a high mark for others to follow. Shadrack went to over 12 straight years of finals rodeos starting as a 2 year old and earning bucking horse of the finals at the World Finals Rodeo in El Paso, Texas. Shadrack also went unridden for over 4 years in both Saddle Bronc and Bareback events. The Maverick herd also has a lot of who's who in regional bulls. From Crusader to Jericho and back to bulls long forgotten by most, the Pitt Bulls have often had a reputation as hard to ride, high scoring beast who prefered to make short work of their riders. Bred with plenty of horn and attitude riders often think more about safe ways to get off than ways to win.

So don't be afraid to come in and look around. If you can't find what you're looking for drop us an e-mail or click on our name below to find out more about us.

If you would like more informattion about our breeding program please call us at 1-806-668-4458 and talk to Mrs. Pitt or leave a message for us to return your call. If you would like you can also email us at Maverick

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